Yellow Moon Foods is a Swiss-based FMCG food company. An ambitious start-up with quality in mind, Yellow Moon Foods is all about offering innovative, healthy products. We are in constant pursuit for disruptive, novel products.

We recognize that today’s consumers are increasingly looking for food they can trust, (companies that are keen on sourcing ethical ingredients and processes) including food that is close to nature and healthy. We pride ourselves in being able to offer clean label products – an offering that takes plenty of insight, research and expertise. That is why we partner with suppliers that use state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing facilities.

With a firm belief in delivering quality and using safe ingredients, Yellow Moon Foods adheres to the highest standards throughout our processes. Staying away from preservatives and ingredients artificial coloring and taste enhancers like MSGs, we invest heavily in selecting clean ingredients, keeping them as healthy and natural as possible, while achieving an authentic taste.



Molokhia Xpress is the flagship product by Yellowmoon FoodS. Incepting the idea five years ago, the product debuts in the UK market in 2019. Introducing a one-of-its-kind concept, Molokhia Xpress is a truly disruptive product that offers a wholesome, filling and authentic Egyptian meal ready in 6 minutes. Molokhia is originally a soup made with JUDE PLANT, and is served with white rice. Molokhia Xpress serves as a true remedy to your homesickness. Bringing to life the authentic taste of this Egyptian meal, Molokhia Xpress is a quick meal with rice and soup.



As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Yellow Moon Foods BOUNCES BACK 2.5% of its net PROFIT to Doctors without Borders, an independent, global movement providing medical care to those in need around the world.



We take your data seriously and treat it with utmost confidentiality. Being GDR-compliant, Yellowmoon Food does not share its client information.

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